Health Information System Information System

Brief Description

Health information is an integral part of a functioning health system. Health information systems (HIS) provide evidence for policy and program decisions to support better health outcomes for individuals and for populations overall. However, the meaning of the term “HIS” varies across sources, often with no clear or precise definition.

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0 Syllabus Silabus SIM MARS
1 History and Evolution of Health Information System HIS 01
2 Intro to Health Information System HIS 02
3 Current State of Healthcare IT Adoption HIS 03 a HIS 03b
4 Planning & Design Overview for Health Information System HIS 04
5 IT Strategic Management in Hospital HIS 05
6 Change Management in Hospital
7 Business Process Reengineering
8 Kebijakan Sistem Informasi Kesehatan dan Implementasi PP 46/2014
9 Health Information & Technology Management
10 Electronic Health Record (EHR)
11 Healthcare Coding and Reimbursement
12 Health Transaction and Billing
13 Health Statistic, Research and Quality Improvement
14 Management and DSS in Hospital