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Business Integrated Solution for Human Resources Development (BISI HRD) is designed exclusively for companies to manage their human resource information efficiently and accurately. It comprises 10 modules, which can be used together or as individual stand-alone modules. The base module is the Human Resource Development Center which is required to link to other BISI HRD modules.

Features and Benefits
 Modular Design
User can select the modules required to link to the base module whenever required.
 Lookup Table
Provides a selection of current information in a master file for easy selection
 Field Validation
Error can be prevented during data entry
 Historical Records
Keep many years of historical records
 Export Facility to Excel, HTML etc.
 Range of Selection
Users can select to print reports containing just the information they are interested in
 Various Sorting Sequences
Flexibility to choose option that fulfill user’s requirement

Features List

Module Features List
System Manager The system manager is the hub from which all of the BISI (Business Integrated Solution) applications operate. It contains a wealth of functionality that affects nearly everything you do in BISI. With this
function, you can control the module, form and report that can be accessed by users. In addition, you can even block unauthorized users from viewing confidential information such as salary.
Recruitment * keeping track of recruitment will be easy.
* able to identify the suitable mass media to advertise
* criteria to get the best candidate
* selecting the candidate and processing ID card (like credit card) for the
new employee.
* able to analyze the candidate who has match to the selection criteria for any position
Time Attendance * quickly and efficiently tracking attendance, overtime, shift, lateness and absenteeism of all the employees in your organization.
* user-defined schedules, breaks, counter types and rounding up/ down
of clocking out.
* automatic calculation of overtime
* has the capability accessing time attendance machine.
* shift or department that is undermanned for manpower allocation
* clocking records that need adjustment
Training * keep track of the courses, which have been organized internally or externally for your employees.
* allows you to keep record of the training and courses, which the employee has attended in the course of his employment in the company.
Loan * keep track of various types of loans taken by staff from the company
* capable of automatic initial or final repayment and monthly repayment calculation.
* when used in conjunction with Payroll module, loans are deducted automatically from employees’ salary.
* settlement of loan can be set fully, partially or periodically.
* easily produce timely statements to keep the employees informed of the amount owed
* loan detailed of each employee like loan approved and loan outstanding can be generated easily
Payroll * complete employee history, showing earnings, deductions and employee contributions
* prints custom checks, forms and quarterly wage reports.
* handles most complete Indonesian tax requirements with automatic gross up, net, or broken period calculation.
* stand-alone basis or integrated with time attendance and General Ledger
Leave Administration * provides the capability you need to manage your employees’ vacation entitlement until its approval.
* can handle many tasks, from tracking the type of vacation is applied for, duration of vacation, when vacation is taken to displaying the current entitled vacation balance.
* adjustment to the employees’ vacation entitlement balance can be done easily
Appraisal * keep track of the employee job progress in the company.
* factors, which will be considered when rating the performance of the employee at any time, can be defined
* provide a more objective view of the employee during year-end evaluation
Medical Claim * maintain the employees’ medical expenses easily
* calculation of employees’ medical entitlement is simplified by the user-defined criteria table
* track the total medical expenses incurred and medical chits given by each clinic.
* employee medical history records can be retrieved easily for viewing or printing
HR Center * offers the ability to manage your high volume employee records, i.e. personnel, family, job, qualification and skills.
* eliminates the tedious and time consuming way of manually filing and retrieval of records
* Report indicating employees’ skills, trends of staff resignation and head counts in various job titles, let you obtain valuable management information necessary for efficient control of your employee performance.

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