Accounting Information System Information System

BISI (Business Integrated Solution) Accounting.

BISI Accounting is part of BISI software. It represents a new era in accounting information system. The product was developed using industry standard tools to enable extendibility and compatibility
across your IS enterprise. It also provides users with maximum flexibility, efficiency, reliability, and performance. With BISI, users can quickly create and integrate financial, operational, and human resources for all of their business needs.

Features List

Module Features List
Account Payable • Flexible vendor code
• Debit/ credit notes facilities
• Down payment or partial payment are suported
• Auto journal facilities to link with General Ledger
• Multi currency
Account Receivable • Flexible customer code
• Multiple payment/ down payment
• Revenue can be dustributed to an unlimited number of genereal ledger account
• Recurring entry facility
• Automatic calculation of invoice due date and discounts from user defined terms
• Multi currency
• Debit/credit notes facilities
Cash Bank Management • Multiple cash/bank account
• Multi currency
• Budget comparison flexibility to avoid over budget
• Flexible daily cash/bank transaction
• Approval facilities can be a work flow for the user
• Cash flow statement
• Print cash/ bank voucher
General Ledger • User Defined Account code, up to 12 digit
• Multi Company, Multi Department
• Multi Currency
• Budget comparison fasilities
• Cash Flow projection
• Auto Journal facilities such as recurring, reversing
• Two methods of entering financial information directly, a journal entry form and an account register form
• Budget creation based on
percentages or amount
• Support to multi currency
Fixed Asset • Flexible assets code
• Flexible grouping of asset
• Easy to manage asset per location and person in charge
• Commercial depreciation & fiscal depreciation facilities
• Automatic depreciation by group or single asset
• Tracking asset history
• Stright line or double declining depreciation method
• Support Assets in construction in progress
Job Costing • Flexible jobs code
• Breaks down jobs into as many phases and categories as you need
• Supports unlimited cost types that can be grouped into several classification:
labor, material, subcontractor, overhead, and marketing.
• Budget comparison with jobs
• Profit & loss analysis for every jobs or comparation among them
Payroll • Flexible employee code
• Multiple department & multiple companies are supported
• Overtime automatic calculation
• Flexibility in accommodate new regulation by using setup menu
System Manager • Flexible workgroup/ User Defined
• Multi level password with Access, No Access, Allow Read, Allow Write, Allow Edit & Allow Delete
• Data Maintenance such as backup, restore and repair data
• Consolidation Facility

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